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Providing Market-Leading Products Since 1963

A Walk-Through
of Our History

Electro-Metrics has rich history as a leading designer, producer and integrator of antennas, sensors and systems for broadband RF communications and testing since it was founded in 1963. The Contract Manufacturing Division, founded in 1964, began as an in-house machine shop for the antenna’s division. Today, they manufacture fabricated and precision machined products and provide contract manufacturing services for regional contract manufacturers and Fortune 1,000 companies. The EM Metal Works manufacturing facilities support both our RF Antennas and Contract Manufacturing divisions.


Electro-Sensitive Products was founded in Amsterdam, NY with a small shop of 11 employees and no product line.


Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation bought the company and changed the name to Electro-Metrics. They began carving their niche in to the EMI marketplace with the introduction of their EMC-10 and EMC-25 interference analyzers, the first fully-transistorized EMI testing units in the industry.


Penril Corporation bought Electro-Metrics and the electronics industry exploded. 


Electro-Metrics introduced its Mark IV series of receivers, which firmly established the company on the leading edge of EMI technology.


Kenneth Bach purchased the company with a charter to revamp the product lines and send Electro-Metrics into a new era of technology.


Electro-Metrics moves to its current headquarters in Johnstown, NY.


Paul Sikora becomes president of the company.


Ownership shifted to Kevin Bach and Gail Bach Watson after Ken Bach passed away.


Thomas Remien purchased the company with a drive to innovate product lines, enhance marketing efforts and make Electro-Metrics the top-tier antenna manufacturer in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with products that are designed and manufactured to meet their needs for precision, effectiveness, value and timeliness. And to give our employees a positive work environment full of opportunity, which allows them to fulfill their personal goals and impact our community.

Our Promise to Our Customers

Our domestic and international customers rely on EM Metal Works’ expertise, technology and our U.S. manufacturing and assembly capabilities to fulfill their most demanding requirements with the highest quality products. EM Metal Works remains committed to understanding the needs of our customers and providing quality products that meet or exceed expectations.

Companies We Have Served


Our Staff Only Works with State-of-the-Art Machining Equipment

Our capability to do in-house manufacturing and fully test our products allows us to meet quality expectations and provide rapid responses to urgent needs.