Antenna, Omni-Directional Wideband | EM-6854 | 20 MHz – 40 GHz

The Electro-Metrics EM-6854 Omni-directional Antenna covers the broad frequency range of 20 MHz – 40 GHz, depending on the output connector selected. Available in N-type (limited to 18 GHz), SMA (limited to 20 GHz) and k-type (2.92mm) (up to 40 GHz). This antenna is the ideal device for identifying the presence of a transmitted signal, in a small, rugged, deployable package. The nominal gain of the antenna is above -2 dBi. over 95% of the operating frequency range. The antenna has an optional ¼ -20 or ⅝-11 mount tripod mount, risers and masts can also be provided. This antenna has undergone and passed the Hot Temperature, Cold Temperature, Blowing Rain, Blowing Sand, and Shock and Vibration Environmental Tests, in accordance with MIL-STD-810H. Please contact Electro-Metrics for the detailed report. The antenna can be used with any 50 Ω instrument since it is designed and can optionally be calibrated in a 50 Ω system. 

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Frequency Range: 20 MHz – 40 GHz
Gain: Nominal -2 dBi or greater over 95% of the covered frequency range
Beamwidth: Omni-directional (360 degrees)
Impedance: 50Ω, Nominal
Connector: 2.92 mm female 


Mounting: (4) 3/8 – 16 TPI Bolts
Height: 22” (53.25 cm)
Diameter: 5.25” (12.7 cm)
Weight: 6.1 lbs (2.77 kg)