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Antenna, Omni Directional Wideband

EM-6855 | 4.5 GHz – 40 GHz

The EM-6855 Omni-Directional Wideband Antenna is capable of operating as either a transmitting or receiving antenna over the 4.5 to 40 GHz frequency range.

An omni-directional antenna is an antenna which radiates power (or intercepts electromagnetic fields) uniformly in one plane, with a directive pattern shape in a perpendicular plane. The EM- 6855 omni-directional antenna is a vertically polarized antenna, and exhibits a 360 degree pattern in the horizontal plane.

Directivity and gain are directly related in antennas. The directivity of an antenna is a statement of how the of RF energy is focused. An omni-directional antenna and a directional antenna such as a horn, having the same amount of RF energy at the connector yield different fields. From a transmission point of view, the energy radiated by the omni directional antenna is distributed over a large area, whereas the same energy is concentrated into a smaller area by the directional antenna.

The signal strength measured at a given distance from an omni -directional antenna versus that measured in the beam of a directional antenna is lower. This lower signal level corresponds to the lower gains exhibited by omnidirectional antennas.

The EM-6855 antenna is enclosed in a weather resistant radome. A 25.4 cm (10”) support rod provides a means for mounting the antenna to the ElectroMetrics Model EM-6134 Tripod. A threaded ¼ – 20 female connector is located at the end of the rod.



Frequency Range: 4.5 GHz – 40 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
Output Impedance: 50 Ohms, nominal
VSWR, typical: < 1.7:1
VSWR worst case: < 2.0:1
Average Gain: 0 dBi, typical
Connector: Type K, female
Continuous Power: 20 Watts


Diameter: 5.72 cm (2.25″)
Height: 5.72 cm (2.25”)
Weight: 0.114 kg (0.25 lb.)
Mounting: (2) #8-32 tpi mounting studs