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Antenna, Standard Gain Horn Set

EM-6965 | 18 GHz – 40 GHz

The Electro-Metrics EM-6965 Standard Gain Horn Antenna Set, which includes EM-6966 and EM-6967, was designed specifically for EMI measurements and specification compliance testing in the 18 – 40 GHz range.

The EM-6965 set is used in conjunction with Electro-Metrics EM-2135 Interference Analyzer. The EM-6965 set can also be used in ElectroMetrics Automated RFI/EMC Systems, FSS Series or their Calculator Controlled EMI Systems, CCS Series.


The EM-6965 small size makes it an excellent antenna for use in a screen room where space is limited and where proximity effects must be minimized.

The EM-6965 Standard Gain Horn Set is particularly suited for military EMI specification compliance procedures such as MIL-STD 461/462 in the microwave frequency range.

Note: EM-6965 Standard Gain Horn Antennas can also be purchased separately as EM-6966 or EM-6967.



Frequency Range (calibrated): 18 GHz – 40 GHz
EM-6966: 18 GHz – 26.5 GHz
EM-6967: 26.5 GHz – 40 GHz
Average VSWR: 1.15 maximum
Beam Width: 20 to 30 degrees in both planes
Waveguide Size:
EM-6967: WR-28
Gain: 15 dB at low frequency end
18 dB at high frequency end


Length: 69.6 mm (2.74″)
Width: 28.6 mm (1.126″)
Height: 38.1 mm (1.50″)
Length: 57.2 mm (2.25″)
Width: 19.1 mm (0.75″)
Height: 25.4 mm (1.00″)