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Antenna, Ultra-Wideband, Log Periodic

EM-6964 | 250 MHz – 26 GHz

The EM-6964 Log Periodic antenna covers the broadest frequency range available in such a rugged and deployable package.

The “Vector II” has its gain and efficiency
peaked to provide directional sensitivity from
250 MHz to 26 GHz. Available in N-type
(limited to 18 GHz), SMA (limited to 23
GHz), and 2.92mm (26 GHz) The antenna is
the ideal hand-held device for locating the
origin of a transmitting source. The nominal
gain of the antenna is 5-7 dBi, with excellent
front to back ratio. The antenna can be used
for receiving, is rugged, and made shock,
vibration and weather resistant.

The antenna can be used with any 50Ω
instrument and can optionally be calibrated in a
50Ω system.



Frequency Range: 250 MHz – 26 GHz
VSWR: < 1.8 Average
                < 3.1 Above 400 MHz


5-7dBi over 90% of the range
Impedance: 50 ohms, Nominal
Connector: Type k (2.92 mm), also available in Type N or SMA (frequency range can be limited by connector selection)


Length: 20.5” (520mm)
Width: 12.6” 320mm)
Height: 1.74” (44.5mm) Handle Horizontal

                 6.5” (165mm) Handle Vertical
Weight: 2.14 lbs. (.97 kg)