EM-6856 Antenna, Ultra-Wideband, Passive, Omni-Directional | 20 MHz – 40 GHz

The Electro-Metrics EM-6856 is an Ultra-Wideband Passive Antenna with Omni-Directional radiation patterns covering the entire frequency range of 20MHz-40GHz.
As the successor to the EM-6854, the EM-6856 features a size reduction of 50% and weight reduction of 58% over its predecessor while maintaining a nominal gain of > 2dBi across 90% of its operational frequency range. With a rugged build and stable performance, this antenna is excellent for SIGINT and related applications.


Frequency Range: 20 MHz – 40 GHz
VSWR: Average 2:1 above 400 MHz
Beamwidth: 360˚ Azimuth (Omni-Directional)
45˚ Average Elevation
Impedance: 50Ω, Nominal
Gain: 150MHz-40GHz Nominal 2dBi
Connector: Type ‘K’ (20MHz-40GHz)
SMA (20MHz-26GHz)
Type ‘N’ (20MHz-18GHz)


Overall Length: 29 cm (11”)
Diameter: 11.5 cm (4.5”)
Weight: 0.86 kg (1.9 lbs.)
Mounting Options Available:
EM-1607 Tripod Mount (included)
EM-1608 Right Angle Wall Mount
EM-1108 Roof Rack Mount
EM-1109 Rugged Roof Rack Mount
Color Options:
• Black (default)
• Custom colors available upon request

Data Sheets

The EM-6856 Data Sheet