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Antenna, Wideband Discone

EM-6115 | 10 kHz – 2 GHz

The EM-6115 is a broad band collinear array allowing very wide Omni-Directional frequency coverage in a single package. Below approximately 100 MHz, the EM-6115 acts as an active vertical rod which offers 10 to 12 dB Greater unsaturated instantaneous dynamic range than competitive antennas (overload field strength: 2 V/meter) which greatly reduces intermodulation generated signals in a typical read world RF environment. In the congested spectrum above 100 MHz the antenna is passive and contributes no intermodulation products so the overload point is determined solely by the receiving instrument. This immunity to overload can often make the difference between useful signal output and an indecipherable jumble of spurious products and is accomplished without compromising sensitivity. The antenna collapses for convenient storage and transport.



Frequency Range (calibrated): 10 kHz–2 GHz
Impedance: 50 Ohms, nominal
Calibration In: Type N, female
Signal Out: Type N, female
Overload: 2 V/m below 50 MHz
(+5 dBm at output connector)
Power Supply:
AC Power Source: 90-265 VAC, 47-440 Hz
DC Power Source: 18 V rechargeable battery (Sealed lead acid)
Description Operating Time: 8 hours, nominal (Between recharging)
Recharge Time: 12 hours, nominal
Fuse: 0.5 AMP 2AG FAST ACTING (subminiature)


Without upper rod: 597 mm (23.5”)
With upper rod: 832 mm (32.75”)
Upper antenna rod: 254 mm (10”)
Lower radial elements: 394 mm (15.5”)
Stowed configuration: 114 mm (4.5”)
Deployed configuration: 457 mm (18”)
Antenna disk: 321 mm (12.6”)
(Counterpoise) Base Dimensions:
Height: 76 mm (3.0”) Width: 210 mm (8.25”)
Depth: 210 mm (8.25”) Weight: 4.5 kg (10 lbs)