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Probes, Clamp-On

EM-6980 | 20 Hz – 50 kHz

Current probes enable you to measure conducted current without direct connection to the circuit under test by clamping around the conductor, current carrying wire or structural member being tested.

The probe consists of two semicircles that clamp around conductors by means of a clip. Utilizing a core of ferrous materials separated by an air gap to prevent erroneous measurements due to saturation, models EM-6980 and EM-6981 are capable of measuring signals and noise superimposed on power currents up to 300 A from DC to 400 Hz. Intermodulation effects on the current probe outputs are also negligible.

The EM-6980 and EM-6981 can be connected to a conventional oscilloscope, voltmeter or interference analyzer by means of a coaxial cable, such as Electro-Metrics EM-1106 or EM-1305 (not included with probe).

Each current probe is calibrated for transfer conductance in a circuit having a 50 ohm resistive load. A serialized transfer impedance chart is supplied with each probe.



Frequency Range: 20 Hz-50 kHz
Impedance: 50 ohms Nominal
Output Connector: BNC
Conductor Opening: Up to and including 25 mm (1 inch)
Probe Factor: +64 dB at 20 Hz to
+7 dB at 10 kHz to
0 dB at 50 kHz


Outside Diameter: 73 mm (2.875”)
Thickness: 32 mm (1.25”)
Weight: 454 g (1 lb)