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Probes, Magnetic Field

EM-6882 | 20 MHz to 230 MHz

The EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 Magnetic Field Probes operate in conjunction with any 50 ohm input impedance receivers.

For optimum efficiency each probe covers a different RF band. The EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 probes are non-calibrated and hand held for versatility and mobility. Optional calibration is available.


The EM-6880, EM-6881 and EM-6882 Magnetic Field Probes are particularly advantageous for searching for RF leakage. The probes are electrostatically shielded and are therefore sensitive only to the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field.

Each probe has a rubberized covering and is distinctively color-coded by frequency range for easy identifications.

The probes are especially useful in determining the side of an article under test, which radiates the highest level prior to running a MIL-STD, or FCC radiated emissions test.



Frequency Range: 20 MHz to 230 MHz


Length: 240 mm (9 ½”)
Inside Circle: 50mm (2”)
Across Circle: 90 mm (3 ½”)
Ring Outside Diameter: 92 mm (3 5/8”)
Weight: 454 g (1 lb.)