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Tunable Notch Filter Network

EM-7845 | 1 GHz – 2.2 GHz

The Electro-Metrics Model EM-7845 Tunable Notch Filter Network is a tunable cavity rejection filter operating from 1.0 to 2.2 GHz and used to perform specification compliance testing as stated in MIL-STD-462 and other related standards where attenuation is required at one selected frequency. The cavity exhibits very sharp resonances at the tuned frequency with low insertion loss and low skirt attenuation.

The EM-7845 has optimum performance when resonance in the TE011 mode and can operate over a wide range of power levels. The cavity and associated tuning mechanism is constructed of copper, brass, and steel alloys. The network is supported by four (4) legs mounted to the square base plate of the cavity cylinder.

Due to the precise nature of the cavity for operation in the designated frequency range, care should always be taken to ensure that the network mechanisms are not damaged when being used or transported.



Frequency Range: 1 GHz – 2.2 GHz
Rejection: 50 dB minimum @ tuned frequency
80 dB typical
Insertion Loss*: <5 dB typical.
15 dB worst case
Notch Characteristics:
Total Rejection** 35dB or more at fo ±(<0.002fo)
40dB or more at fo ±(<0.0005fo)
Impedance: Designed for 50 ohms system
Connector: Type N, female

** Total Rejection = Insertion loss at fo + Notch Depth


Height: 95.6 cm (37.6″)
(with maximum screw extension)
Height, Cylinder: 41.0 cm (16.1″)
Diameter, Cylinder: 41.3 cm (16.25″)
Width, Stand: 52.1 cm (20.5″)
Weight: 38.6 kg (85 lbs.)